Scientist/Senior Scientist, Immunology

company overview

Vor BioPharma is a preclinical biotechnology company developing a new approach to cancer immunotherapy with a focus on broadening the applicability and overcoming key challenges of engineered cell therapies. Engineered cell therapy works by modifying the body’s own immune cells so that they recognize and kill cancer cells by targeting markers on the cells’ surface. To date, successful engineered cell therapy has been largely limited to patients with advanced B-cell malignancies. In these patients, the engineered immune cells target markers that are present on all B-cells, both healthy and cancerous. While the body can safely function without B-cells, using similar approaches to treat other cancers—which would involve targeting cells necessary for survival—remains elusive. Vor BioPharma is developing a new approach that is designed to overcome key barriers that limit current modalities. Vor BioPharma is a PureTech Health (LSE: PRTC) company.

Position description / responsibilities

The successful candidate will lead a project aimed at developing and advancing Vor’s engineered cell therapy drug platform. This will involve design and execution of an experimental plan involving a combination of molecular biology, cellular engineering, and mouse model approaches. This unique role will place the successful candidate in a dynamic position as a key member of the team, interfacing regularly with company senior management and being involved in decision-making and in interactions with external stakeholders.

key areas of responsibilities

  • Develop and optimize in vitro assays to assess protein/cellular function and cell viability
  • Develop and optimize protocols for engineering cells using viral and non-viral vectors, including validation protocols
  • Develop in vitro and in vivo assays for assessing targeted cellular cytotoxicity in response to therapy
  • Design experiments, interpret data, and problem solve with a high level of independence and creativity to advance company’s cell therapy platform
  • Coordinate in vitro and in vivo testing at external contract research organizations and with other collaborators, as needed
  • Draft standard operating procedures, work instructions, test methods, study protocols, and technical reports
  • Create presentations and present progress to senior management
  • Maintain a clear, detailed laboratory notebook to document all experiments and findings
  • Comply with best safety practices


  • PhD in fields such as immunology, cancer biology, bioengineering, or related discipline is required (title and compensation commensurate with experience)
  • 2+ years of experience postdoctoral training or in industry setting preferred
  • Immediate availability
  • Excellent communication, organization, and technical writing skills
  • Demonstrated track record of working with primary immune cells preferred
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture, including hematopoietic stem cells, and carrying out immunoassays in vitro and in vivo, including FACS, ELISA, immuno-blotting, and immunohistochemistry
  • Strong problem solving skills and the ability to work independently in startup environment